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Worlds First Two Player Contest Surfing Game
I made Search For Surf into a two player game, and it's now available to play for PC. Mac version is coming soon. This is a great major change for the game be...
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Updated Demo Holiday Release
Latest update to the game and the demo as well, is now available to download here and play for free. The early access release version is available to purchase...
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New Search for Surf game update
A new demo has been created to show off how the game is going, and to generally improve on the game in general. Download it or play in your browser. Many chan...
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Paddle Cam in Browser
Play with new paddle cam in your browser. Most realistic wave catching in a video game. Try the demo free in your browser. If you tried it before then this is...
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Really Cool Surfer Cam
Mouse look was added to look around while paddling, and in the process an almost first person surfer paddling camera was added, which adds a whole new look and...
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Play in browser or download
I attached a downloadable version that is nearly the same as the play in browser version. Use either one to demo the game, there are only minor differences bet...
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3D Physics Surfing Game Free Demo
3D physics based video game to try out the free demo. I'm looking to get some players interested in a more realistic feeling surfing video game than the ones c...
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