Worlds First Two Player Contest Surfing Game

I made Search For Surf into a two player game, and it's now available to play for PC.  Mac version is coming soon.  This is a great major change for the game because now you can not only surf solo, or surf and explore with your buddy, but you can also have a contest against them.  There are settings for how many wave scores count and how long the contest lasts.  

You'll have to learn to surf well to play contests with you friends, but now all your fun work and play learning to surf is not wasted, you'll be rewarded when you shred over your friends during a contest.  No other surfing game has this feature, and it makes the game way more fun and dynamic.  There are also other great improvements in this version that make the game more enjoyable and friendly to play.  You'll need an Xbox controller for two person, two is even better, but one and keyboard and mouse will work too.

There is now a cheat button "Y" which for the beginner breaks (3) puts you at the takeoff spot where it is easy to catch a wave.  Great for practicing and learning, and being able to just paddle and get on a wave right away so you can surf more.

First person camera is automatic.  There are 3 camera views, one far away view which is good for learning and travelling around, a regular view which gets you into the waves more, and a first person pro-cam view which puts you on the wave.  All can be changed while playing.  The first person cam now follows the player while surfing and doesn't need to be adjusted manually.  It gets you as close to surfing as possible without knowing how to swim.

New player will be available soon, but for now you can't switch players anymore.

If you've been watching this game and seeing how it has developed you will really like the new 2 player feature and should buy it now because the price may go up as it gets closer and closer to final release.  Enjoy.


Search For Surf 2 Player Windows PC 546 MB
May 14, 2020
Search For Surf - Single Player Only Mac 545 MB
Apr 19, 2020

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