New Search for Surf game update

A new demo has been created to show off how the game is going, and to generally improve on the game in general.  Download it or play in your browser.  Many changes have been made.  For instance, you can ride the personal water craft to see other breaks.  You can't surf them in the demo, but you will be able to in the coming release.  

Change stance has been added for goofy footers.  Now you can ride front side on those lefts.  Oh yeah! there are no lefts in the demo.  Too bad goofys.  Guess you'll have to wait for the release.  

There are a variety of waves (rights) at the first break that you can enjoy, rip, or get slaughtered by.  

There is duck diving with the left mouse button, so you don't have to get slaughtered. 

 Also, popping up has changed.  You must now use space bar to get up.  This is a change from before where you would automatically get up when you got enough speed.  you still need speed, but when he starts to get up press space bar to stand and surf.

Enjoy the demo.  Don't forget to like it.  And visit the steam page and website and let me know what you think.

Thanks for playing.  Have fun.


Search For Surf Windows Demo 179 MB
May 09, 2019
Search For Surf Browser Demo 168 MB
May 09, 2019

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